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SEPTEMBER notes!!!

Be sure to keep up with the announcements on Facebook. There are 3 pages being managed at this time - the "friend" page, "Local Business" page, and the "community like" page. All pages will be as up to date as possible, even if they aren't updated daily.

Here's a few items on the agenda for September:


Recent events have put me behind schedule with the promissed tutorial, but it is still coming. Thank you for your patience!


As stated on the Terms and Conditions page, during certain times of the year, production times can increase without warning for any number of reasons. This recently happened over the summer months as a result of the post-Celebration Orlando rush. Thankfully, all those delays have been minimized and are returning to the normal 8 weeks. Work is being done to bring this back to the old timeframe of 4-6 weeks. This is not a GUARANTEE, so for now please allow the full 8 weeks for production.


Commissions had to be suspended for a while, but are coming back in January 2018.


Shipping to the US, APO, and territories will remain free as part of the price paid. However, after an internal audit and an ongoing tracking of shipping costs around the world, a new international shipping price schedule has been crafted. The new shipping charges are as follows:

  • Domestic US (including APO) - Free shipping on all items
  • Canada - Please Email me for a shipping price quote.
  • International (EU, AUS, NZ, MEX) - $15USD shipping on all items in the STORE (up to 3 items total of $45, $10 per Item after that), $30USD shipping on all helmets (only), $50USD shipping on all armor kits (only), and $75USD shipping for combos.
  • Other International (outside of EU, AUS, NZ, MEX) - please Email me for a shipping quote
  • Sabine ARMOR KIT ONLY - there is a $30 shipping extra charge, or $50 total extra if ordering the Combo. Please EMAIL ME for an appropriate invoice.

Why was this done? To put it simply, a 4lb helmet that chan be shipped inside the USA for around $20 can cost upwards of $60USD international depending on where it is going, and a full armor combo that can cost around $40USD inside the USA can be above $80 for international. I want to continue to try to be as fair and as reasonable as possible, and I appreciate your patience and understanding.

For all shipping that requires this extra charge, please Email me for an invoice.


When ordering from TMA, there is an option of "ADD TO CART" to purchase more than one item at a time. This is done through PayPal, so please let me know if you have any issues with ordering.


TMA offers Time Pay financing!

Here's the way it works:
  • Only available on total purchases of $150USD ormore
  • Open to all customers world-wide
  • For international customers - full value of the purchase will be declared on customs forms. This may affect import, customs, and tariff fees.
  • Email me with a list of all that you wish to purchase. An invoice will be sent for the total amount and will be set for "partial payments."
  • Take up to a maximum of 8 weeks to pay off your order! No minimum or maximum payment required with each installment.
  • Order processing will start when 75% of the total cost is paid.
  • Orders will be sent within one week of final payment, or after the six week minimum standard processing time from the 75% total payment, whichever is the later.

Tutorials Page!

If you have purchased one of the raw TMA kits (gauntlets, knees, etc.), be sure to check out the links under the products on the order page to see the tutorial on how to put your kit together!

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Click here to see the story behind the MMCC-BVC MTS Akalenetad Battle Barge. The original was retired after the Titusville, Florida annual Christmas parade in 2015 and a new and improved Barge is now complete!